Geocaching in Nebraska

What is Geocaching

With warmer weather on the horizon now is a great time to start Geocaching! A geocache is a container that usually holds a number of items. Your goal is to find a cache and log it into your cache journal (numerous apps or the official site). You can take something out of the cache as well (IF you replace by something of equal to greater value). Many different apps also give your ratings on caches, how easy it is to find, and a brief description of the cache or location. There are even “tracking bug” caches that you take from one location to another (which is perfect for an RV’er who loves being on the road)!

Never destroy a geocache! They are protected by the government and will be reported to the local authorities. 

Why it’s Worth It

Why though? Well geocaching helps you explore places you may have never known existed. They are fun to find, get you involved outside and foster great problem solving skills. The best part is, it’s free! All the information you need to get started is easily accessible online and all you need is a smartphone that can run a simple app. This is the perfect hobby to really get you or your kids outdoors and having fun. Treasure hunting for all ages!

Where to Go

With thousands of geocaches in Nebraska alone, you can start almost anywhere! New geocaches are placed daily and there is always a new adventure or treasure to be found. The closer you are to a metro city the more you will find, but you can find them anywhere and everywhere. Go to this website to find geocaches in Nebraska. You can search by city and find ones you are the most interested in.

What Next?

The fun never ends Geocaching. It will never cost you and is fun for all ages. You don’t have to stop at just one, either! The US has thousands upon thousands of Geocaches and when you have gone from one side of the US to the other there will have been more that have shown up. New puzzles to solve and new puzzles to find.

Adventure awaits!

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