Mobile Homes for the Zombie Apocalypse

If you have an RV consider yourself ahead of the curve when the zombies arrive. With its ability to provide food, shelter and transportation a mobile home is quite possibly the safest place you could be when the world ends.

Of course this will come as no surprise if you watch shows like The Walking Dead. During the entire first season and most of the second an RV served as the base of operations for the main characters and protected them from zombie hordes on numerous occasions. 

Eco RoamerSome zombie enthusiasts have gone the extra step actually built a mobile home that they believe can withstand such an event. One such vehicle was created by EcoRomer has 46 in. wheels and a diesel engine shared with most construction equipment. The vehicle’s cab and chassis are modified Ford F-650 parts with a power plant that runs on biodiesel. The mobile home comes with two tanks holding a total of 130 gallons of fuel with a 6.5 mpg efficiency. This allows the truck to travel 750 miles before ever needing to refuel. 

But that is just the outside. The inside is even more impressive. The main computer is connected through a 3G modem that has a .8 mile range. It also comes equipped with a CB/VHF radio for communicating with whatever survivors may be left. In an effort to keep its occupants comfortable most of its surfaces are covered in a surface called Plyboo, a soft synthetic surface made of bamboo. Inside is a giant freezer capable of holding of a month’s worth of rations at a time. 

But the EcoRomer isn’t the only option out there. The EarthRoamer XV-LTS off-road RV merges the tools you need to survive the rough and wild apocalyptic wasteland with all the comforts of a five-star hotel. The truck comes with a king sized bed and is run off of a battery bank connected to a fully functional solar array. 

When the dead do rise at least you will be able to sleep comfortably knowing you have options. Since most heavy-duty zombie-ready RVs cost upwards of $280,000 it may make more sense for you to simply make the additions to the vehicle yourself over time. This will allow you to add personal touches like weapons, designs and artistic touches unique to you. 

In this situation a mobile home is simply a blank canvas to you get as prepared as you want to be for the end of the world. There is no wrong way and those that push the limits are most likely to survive the longest. 

By Jordan Brandes

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