Open Range Ultra Lite 2804RK Rear Kitchen Ultralight

Looking for a travel trailer that fits how you live? The open Range Ultra Lite 2804RK might be exactly what you are looking for.


Just look at the counter space you get with the Ultra Lite 2804RK! A huge wrap-around counter and tons of storage room make this kitchen one you can use without effort.

Living Area

The ultra-comfortable theater seating in the Open Range Ultra Lite 2804RK is directly across from the large TV… exactly how you would expect it to be.

Coffee Bar

Well, it’s a hutch with drawers below and cabinet storage above, but there are two power outlets that make it perfect to use for your coffee or as a handy place to charge your phone, tablets or computer.


The bathroom actually has room to store towels, toilet paper and bathroom necessities… what a concept!


The bedroom of the Ultra Lite 2804 has two nightstands, USB outlets and even a laundry chute that keeps you from tripping over dirty socks… assuming you can get your significant other to use the laundry chute!

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