Best Ways to Manage Gas Costs on the Road

Summer can be one of the best times to travel, but also the most costly.  Gas prices always seem to be higher during the summer months because more drivers are taking to the roads with vacations and summer travel.  To hopefully help you cut down on gas costs this summer, we’ve got a few tips for you.

  1. Check for deals with hotels and campgrounds that you might be staying at.  A lot of times they will offer a free gas card with the purchase of so many nights at their establishment.  Check with those membership clubs you belong to as well.  Places such as the Good Sam club offers discounts on fuel with the purchase of a membership. 
  2. Download a gas app on your smartphone.  There are many mobile apps, such as Gas Buddy, which will tell you where the cheapest place to purchase fuel is along your driving route. You can easily save a few cents off per gallon.
  3. Have your RV or vehicle serviced before your trip. You want to maintain proper function of your vehicle not only so you don’t break down on the road, but it also helps save on gas usage if everything is working properly.  Even having a tire that’s low on pressure can create resistance to your vehicle and cause you to use more fuel while driving.
  4. Drive the Speed Limit! Or slightly lower.  I know, I Know, you’ve got screaming kids in the back of your vehicle so you are trying to get to your destination as fast as possible, but what most people don’t realize is that keeping your mph around 55 can boost your gas mileage by up to 5%.  Now, we realize that in some parts of the country, the average speed limit is higher, like 65 or 70mph, even driving 5mph less than that will help you save on gas.
  5. Drive when the temperatures are cooler.  Hitting the open road when the air is more dense and cooler can increase your power and mileage.  Driving in the hot heat of the summer can make your engine work harder, in turn wasting more gas.  If you can, plan your driving during the early morning or later in the evening.  You won’t have to run you’re A/C as much either, which helps save on gas as well.
  6. Use your cruise control.  If you are constantly speeding up and slowing down to try and keep to the speed limit (or 55 mph as we suggested earlier) this uses more fuel.  Plus, its more relaxing to let the vehicle do some of the work.
  7. Don’t over pack! Take only the essentials you will need, such as clothing, some snacks, and things to do. Everything else you can purchase when you get to your destination. The more you pack, the more weight you add to your vehicle and the more drag is created, wasting more gas as a result.
  8. Charge it! Many of your charge cards these days offer cash back at the pump! Cash back means more savings for you!

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