Oddities to see in Tennessee

Go ahead, I know you want to get off the beaten path. Everyone’s tired of hearing about the same ol’ boring road trips but what if you could entertain your neighbors and friends with your own truly unique road trip experience? Take a trip on the wild side of the road by seeing the offbeat (and borderline strange) road attractions Tennessee has to offer. 

The Body Farm

Shortly outside of Knoxville ‘lives’ this 2.5-acre plot of land that’s littered with over 150 decomposing bodies. The bodies are arranged in bizarre placements to mirror an array of different crime scenarios. So it’s a farm yet nothing is technically growing here besides the interest of people that stop by. Do yourself a favor and see what all the bones are about.  
(250 South Stadium Hall, Knoxville, TN, 37916)

Peabody Hotel Duck March    

It’s been nearly one hundred years that this peculiar ritual has been relived day after day. The ducks live in a swanky penthouse in the Peabody hotel and what began as a hunting prank has emerged into an equally as comical “duck march” from the penthouse to the lobby fountain via red carpet. Guests get a hoot out of this daily waddle and the ducks haven’t showed any sign of quitting this tradition for nearly a century! 
(149 Union Ave, Memphis, TN, 38103)

Silky O’Sullivan’s 

While you’re in Memphis there’s another off the beaten path pit stop to see and it involves drunken goats? Sullivan’s is an Irish pub that’s attracted some beer drinking goats that like to climb the neighboring tower in their goat drunken stupor. I won’t say more–just go see it. 
(183 Beale St. Memphis, TN, 38103) 

Billy Tripp’s Mindfield 

An oddity it is, but a life long achievement and symbol of family and love, this mindfield lives about 60 miles northeast of Memphis and is about an acre long. The sculptor, Tripp, began this project when him Dad passed away and has continued to hoard and sculpt scrap metal to make this piece and work of art. It seems to be a never finished project so who knows what sweet additions will be there by the time you stop by. 
(1 Mindfield Alley, Brownsville, TN, 38012)

Cullum and Maxey Camping Center 

Wherever you’re planning to go in Tennessee, the spirit and culture here is so alive and is sure to bring you back soon. If you want to really amp up your trip, stop by Cullum and Maxey Camping Center here in Nashville, and let us help you find the right camper and all of the camping supplies you’ll need! 

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