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Every year new RV products hit the shelves with mixed reviews. Some products hit it big, while others flop. This year should be no different, so we are here to write about some new products you should  start to see on the shelves real soon!

DV8 Sports Golf Club Set

DV8 sports has been a trendsetter in the golf and travel community and this year is no different. Recently at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, RVers got a taste of how they might be able to play golf in the future. Featuring 14 different golf clubs that fit into a backpack, most people might look at the new club set and laugh. But we are here to tell you that these clubs could be the future for RVers and travelers alike.

DV8’s backpack features 14 custom fit holes so each club head fits into a slot. To play, simply take out the club head and insert it into the shaft  in less than three seconds, with no tools or torque wrenches required. It truly is the definition of innovative, and people at the recent RV trade show loved it! To learn more about the clubs, visit the website here.

Guardzilla Secruity System

Have you ever thought, “It would be nice to secure my RV, but it’s just to expensive?” With the new Guardzilla Secruity System, you can now secure your RV for around $100! That’s right, $100. The system is simple and easy to use. All you need is Guardzilla device and a smartphone and you are on your way to a safer, more secure RV. Simply place the device where you don’t want anyone going, and if motion is detected, you instantly get an alert telling you there is motion as well as video. Feel safe with this new alarm system!

Thermacell Bug Repellant Lantern

We all know that bugs can ruin a camping trip, but now thanks to Thermacell you can have a bug free trip as well as a great lantern! Combining the toughness and lighting quality campers demand while also having the best mosquito repellant around, the lantern is a must have for all outdoor adventurers.

Features of the lantern include:

  • 300 lumens of light with three settings
  • Water resistant
  • Hanging clip on under side of lantern base
  • Battery Indicator

Jamatt RV Center

We hope these new products get you excited for many new RV parts and accessories coming your way in 2015. If you are looking for anything parts related, try Jamatt RVs online parts store where you will find hundreds of great items at a low price.

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