Best Lakes to Go RVing in Minnesota

We love to go to the lake for a day (or week) of fishing, kayaking, and just relaxation! Whether you want to go on an adventure, relax, or just get away; we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of our favorite lakes and why!

Pokegama Lake

A perfect lake for fishing, swimming, and boating. They have a sand bar right in the middle of the lake making it a fun spot to swim around and relax. There is also plenty of fishing to be had and lots of spots to find them. Surrounded by trees makes this a nice, little hideaway from everything else.

Nokomis Lake

Swimming, fishing, kayak/canoe/paddleboard rentals, an awesome patio/concession stand. This lake is easily accessible and a great spot to just kick back. They have a concession stand that serves hot dogs with kimchi on top, horchata, cheese curds, and much more. They also have a patio area with win and local beer. The fun never ends here and it is a great spot for all ages.

Gull Lake

This offers cheap brews, local bands, and even some great dining/resort options. You can also fish, canoe, swim, canoe/kayak/paddleboard here as well. It is a beautiful and relaxing lake for everyone. They have a plethora of activities at the resorts as well. If you feel like doing something besides swim and relax in the sun.

Lake Harriet

Plenty of beaches to relax on, quiet, and plenty of boat rental opportunities. This is one of our top lakes to just sit back and relax. You can get food nearby if you don’t feel like cooking and there are lots of activities for all (swimming, boating, fishing, canoe/kayak/paddleboard). You’ll never be bored here and the lake is quite tranquil with plenty of other activities nearby.

Lake Mille Lacs

Plenty of fishing to be had at Lake Mille Lacs! This is a huge lake with plenty of fishing and swimming spots. You also have boat access in a lot of locations around the lake. If you’re ever in need of something else to do there is a casino nearby and plenty of other activities nearby. You can have plenty of fun, no matter what age you are, at this lake.

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