Best Places for Bird Watching around Huntington, WV

The state’s rugged, mountainous landscape is known for its wild beauty. West Virginia is definitely a compelling destination for birders. When you are out on the road, sometimes it’s nice to stop and stretch your legs- why not do so at a beautiful bird watching park? We’ve put together a list of West Virginia’s best bird watching spots just for you.

Located 15 miles northeast of Huntington, this 1,096 acre area is one of West Virginia’s most popular birding sites. Green Bottom has extensive marsh habitats, making it a magnet for waterfowl and other waterbirds. The park is easily accessible from side roads off Highway 2. There is a boardwalk leading into the marsh. Species you may see include: Canada geese & ducks, least bittern, great blue heron, great egret, green heron, osprey, bald eagles, northern harrier, king rail, virginia rail, sora and more.

The 3,655 acre park has a wide variety of species living within it. The mix of habitats make McClintic a good overall birding site. Species you may see include: wild turkey, red-shouldered hawk, white eyed vireo, eastern bluebird, wood thrush, eastern towhee, scarlet tanager, blue-winged warbler, prothonotary warbler, hooded warbler, yellow warbler, yellow throated warbler and more.

This park is about 12 miles south of Point Pleasant and visitors are welcome to observe birds swimming and flying along the Ohio River. There is also a fish hatchery here as well. Species you may see include: canvasback ducks, common goldeneye, double crested cormorant, bald eagle, osprey, ring-billed, herring, wood duck, American kestrel, blue grosbeak, indigo bunting, orchard oriole and more.


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