A different lake all the time?



Travel Trailers in British Columbia, have made a comeback, a trend realtors and consumers link to the rising costs of real estate in the region.


Lightweight, compact, and towable, fibreglass trailers serve as an alternative for many urbanites seeking remote vacations without the expense of a traditional cottage or cabin.


Simultaneously, good quality travel trailers have skyrocketed in demand over the past few years, this is attributed to the rising costs of living in Western Canada, including fuel prices.



“Many of our customers see it as a financially viable way not to miss out on cherished summer holidays”, says Sylvia Miller of Triangle RV in Sidney on Vancouver Island “We have customers that take their Winnebago trailers across Western Canada numerous times over the course of the summer, subletting their homes as a way to offset costs.”


The costs of both used and new trailers pale in comparison with those of cottage properties in British Columbia’s vacation areas, which realtors estimate to have surged in the past few years owing to the rising number of baby boomers purchasing these homes as their primary residence.




A 2018 Re/Max recreational property survey found that respondents aspired to own vacation properties to “go and relax and spend time with friends and family” and “do activities I can’t do at my permanent residence, [such as] hiking, fishing, etc.” For those unable to meet the escalating costs of recreational property ownership, travel trailers are filling the gap.


Travel trailer owners feel that they offer the same type of vacation that would have been experienced by purchasing a waterfront property.


It’s still about getting to a lake or the river or the ocean or something where you can actually get your feet wet and maybe even go for a swim, which is most people’s idea of having a cottage at the lake. Only thing is….it’s a different lake all the time!

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