It’s RV Show Time!

RV Show Tips For First-Timers



Whether you are actually in the market for a new RV, or just looking to see what new advances were being offered that year, RV shows are always a fun experience. 


RV shows are a great place to get acquainted with what’s available in the world of RVs. 

The newcomer can wander in and out, inspecting and exploring without having a salesman hanging right over your shoulder.  The salesmen at RV shows know that the crowd is more interested in looking than buying, and they will typically hang back until you go looking for them.


Here are some things you should know before you attend your first RV show…


When To Go

Large RV shows can be a bit intimidating.  The crowds become huge and noisy fairly quickly. 

If you really want the opportunity to take a serious look at the RVs, the best time to go is early in the day. 

Forget the stage entertainment, get there ahead of the crowds.  That way, you can easily walk through the wide assortment of RVs and see for yourself the best features among all brands and types.



What About The Kids?

I would strongly encourage you to leave the kids at home.  Get a sitter if necessary.  They’ll just get lost in the crowd. 

Yes, it really is that crazy at an RV show!


If You’re In The Market For A New RV…

RV dealers tend to offer some pretty good deals at RV shows. However, if you’re in a position to buy, you can probably do just as well at their sales lot. 


If you’re going to an RV show prepared to buy an RV, then just make sure that you’ve done your homework ahead of time. 


Before You Buy An RV At The Show


If you do decide, on the spot, to buy an RV that you see on display, be aware it may be a week before you can actually take delivery of that RV.  Once an RV is in place for display, it can’t be moved until the RV show closes and the whole process is reversed to get it out of the convention hall.



Yes, RV shows can be useful in helping you to become familiar with the newest options that are available in RVs.  Plus, where else can you act like you just hit the lottery and you want to inspect that  Fabulous Winnebago Travato? 


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