Best Road Trip Games for Kids

  Travel in Peace We all know there are sometimes on a road trip where a little peace and quiet is needed to survive. When the kids get cranky and your patience is running thin, just remember that with the great blessing of technology, your kids can give you a break while they also play fun and educational games. Here a few of our favorite kid-friendly apps that are sure to keep your family happy when the road trips get long. Google Earth One of the coolest apps available is Google Earth. Not only can your kids explore the world and actually see what it is like on the streets in certain countries, they can also learn where you are going and see the lay of the land. Showing them Google Earth . . . Read more

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Top National Parks to Visit in 2018

  Camping season is on its way and we can’t be more excited! In order to get you ready for the 2018 season, we have listed out a few of the top National Parks to visit around the Michigan area. These destinations are sure to fill your 2018 with adventure, serenity and overall camping joy! Isle Royale Isle Royale is not your average national park. This isolated island is surrounded by Lake Superior and offers a great landscape for backpacking, hiking, boating and much more! Isle Royale is made of 132,018 acres of remote wilderness that is surrounded by over 450 smaller islands. Sounds pretty ideal, am I right? There are a few species to look out for while you are exploring, mostly consisting . . . Read more

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Top 5 Michigan Rivers for Summer Fun

1. Crystal River The Crystal River is located in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The river is very popular among kayakers, rafters and canoe enthusiasts, with two outfitters located in the village of Glen Arbor. For the most part, the depth of the water is no more than 1 foot and averages 15 to 20 feet in width. The gentle current is easy for everyone to handle, although it does have a few obstacles along the way. The warm water is home to bass, sunfish and pike. The Crystal is popular with fly fishermen and has a large population of brook and rainbow trout. There is also a swimming hole down river where paddlers can take a quick dip.   2. Big Manistee River The Big Manistee . . . Read more

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RV Camping Breakfast Recipe


Southern Breakfast Favorites: Fried Biscuits

Serves 4

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

 2 Ingredients:

1 Large can of Biscuits

1/2 stick of butter or margarine


1. Evenly coat the bottom of a pan with a teaspoon of butter

2. Slice the biscuits in half & place them on the pan a couple inches apart making sure the pan is not overcrowded.

3. Cook over a low fire or grill for 5 minutes on each side

4. Cool biscuits, serve, and enjoy!


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RV Energy Saving Tips

  Save Energy and Be Environmentally Friendly You may wonder if it is possible to be environmentally conscious while driving a 35 ft motorhome. The answer is, you most certainly can be!  In The Nation (a weekly magazine) the author of an article stated that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by jets during air travel is 270% more than emissions released when driving the same distances. Thus making air travel one of the most destructive things we can do for the environment. If you have ever wanted to save energy and be environmentally conscious, here on some ideas on ways you can do that. Improving Fuel Economy The first step to improving your fuel economy is easing . . . Read more

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Easter Camping Activities

  Easter is right around the corner and whether you’re at home or out on the road we’ve got some great ideas to keep the family entertained. We know that being on the road during the holidays can be hard, but you don’t have to miss out on all the fun! This easy recipe and activity is sure to please all ages. Even if you aren’t camping out this Easter, you can still have fun with these amazing Easter treats! Campfire Easter S’mores in a Cone Ingredients: ½ cup of milk chocolate chips or more to taste 1 box of 12 ice cream cones ½ cup of colored marshmallows 12-12×12 inch squares of heavy duty aluminum foil Instructions: Wrap aluminum foil . . . Read more

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Wildlife in Michigan

  How to View Wildlife in Michigan In Michigan, we are blessed to have some incredible wildlife in our parks and around our state. With thousands of different species in the water, on land, and in the air, camping in Michigan can always leave you with breathtaking sites. So how do I go about watching animals without scaring them? What are some rare animals living in Michigan? We are here to answer all of those questions and more! How to Watch for Wildlife Watching wildlife has become increasingly popular over the years. If you want to watch wildlife, the key is to first know what kind of animals you want to see, and then to pick out certain areas that might have your animals. If you want . . . Read more

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It’s RV Show Time!

RV Show Tips For First-Timers     Whether you are actually in the market for a new RV, or just looking to see what new advances were being offered that year, RV shows are always a fun experience.    RV shows are a great place to get acquainted with what’s available in the world of RVs.  The newcomer can wander in and out, inspecting and exploring without having a salesman hanging right over your shoulder.  The salesmen at RV shows know that the crowd is more interested in looking than buying, and they will typically hang back until you go looking for them.   Here are some things you should know before you attend . . . Read more

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